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Why choose the Polaris Supreme?

In business for over 30 years, the Polaris Supreme launched in May 1985 and has become a powerhouse in long-range sport fishing. Since her launch she has been maintained in top-notch condition and is constantly being upgraded with the most advanced machinery fish finding electronics and safety systems of any vessel in the San Diego fleet. Owner and Captain, Tommy Rothery has been full time operator of the Polaris Supreme since her launch and was co-owner with Bill & Ingrid Poole until 1991 when he and his wife (and secretary) took over full ownership. They have maintained the down to earth family operation that has made their clients want to come back year after year.

The Polaris Supreme has it all! The wheelhouse is in constant flux. It’s always interesting to go up and talk to Tommy and Drew to see what they have added. To date the wheelhouse has four color meters, (two variable frequency) one scanning sonar, two radars, four SSB radios, four VHF radios, satellite phone, private satellite direct connect between the twelve long range code boats, XM satellite weather service, state of the art imagery from Ocean Imaging, computer water temperature tracking by color. OK, you get the idea. Let me just say and much, much more.

When choosing a long range operation to fish with, one of the Polaris Supreme’s charter heads probably put it best when he said, "When I go on a hunting or fishing trip, I feel the main thing a sportsman should look at is the guide and the team he has surrounded himself with. Yes it is important to have a great platform to fish on like the Polaris Supreme, but it just doesn’t matter to me how many amenities a boat or lodge has if the guide or captain doesn’t put forth an outstanding effort and produce a good catch year after year". "And that’s what I have been accustomed to, the consistent great service that Captain Tommy Rothery, Captain Drew Henderson and their experienced crew have produced year after year for me".

Owner Captain Tommy Rothery has been working on long range sport fishing boats for 34 years and was one of the youngest deck hands to acquire his 100 ton oceans captain’s license at the age of nineteen. In 2009 he showed the hands on attention you would expect of the owner of a long range sport fishing boat who cares about his customers by running all trips throughout the season.

Come visit the Polaris Supreme crew at the upcoming Fred Hall Show and stay updated with the boat here at www.polarissupreme.com. We won’t disappoint you. :)