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2018 A.H.I 25th Annual / OPEN / 8 Day Trip from Oct 20, 2018

Tuna and Wahoo on the mind!

by Team Supreme, 10-21-2018

Today we loaded up for our annual AHI charter. We are headed south with Wahoo and Tuna in our sights. Tomorrow will be a rigging day.

Crimping leaders and catching Mahi

by Team Supreme, 10-22-2018

Today was a rigging day. We spent most of the day rolling down the line. During our travels we hit a patch of water that was incredibly blue and clean. In that stretch of water we managed to land one Dorado. A nice surprise. Aside from that it was a very leisure travel day. Tuna and Wahoo are in our sights for tomorrow.

Great Grade. Great Start.

by Team Supreme, 10-23-2018

Today we arrived to the grounds late. We were looking around for wahoo a little after noon. We only scraped up one Wahoo. However around 4pm we got the anchor down and started catching some great quality Tuna. 18-25lbs with the 30-40 lbers making a showing in the mix as well. Very clean tuna fishing here today. Hopefully we can get these Wahoo figured out tomorrow.

Here we Have Bryan and Wai Hung Man showing off their quality tuna.

Skinnys that are not so Skinny!

by Team Supreme, 10-24-2018

Today we switched gears to Wahoo fishing. It was quite a bit of work but our persistence payed off with a couple nice stops on Wahoo. The fish are beautiful and the grade is excellent. we will be here tomorrow to try and get another crack at them.

Here we have Alan with an absolute Jumbo Wahoo!

New batch of Hoos, and they are eager!

by Team Supreme, 10-25-2018

Today we had a great day of Wahoo fishing. The Wahoo were big and very eager when we got on them. The only thing that stopped the bite was the sun going down. Hopefully we can pick up right where we left off tomorrow.

Pictured we have Joel with a slug of a Wahoo and a group shot from one of our many stops today,

We also would like to wish Georgia Robbie a happy birthday! Thank you for bringing us such a great day of Wahoo fishing on your special day!

BIG Wahoo biting!

by Team Supreme, 10-26-2018

Today we tried our hand at Wahoo fishing once again. It was not the red hot bite like yesterday but it was still good numbers and unmatched quality of fish. Many 40-60 lb fish. We have to start heading up now. We may have some time to fish Yellowtail tomorrow on our way up.

Here we have some victorious anglers after another great hit on Wahoo!

Also Andrew with an absolute monster!

Couple drifts couple Yellows.

by Team Supreme, 10-27-2018

Today was mainly a travel day. We have a strong current working against us so we only had time for a couple drifts. However we did manage to land some 15 lb Yellowtail bottom fish. Our ETA for tomorrow is 530 to the dock.