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2019 Steele / 3 Day Trip from Jul 17, 2019

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 07-18-2019

by Team Supreme, 7-18-2019

Hello everyone,

Today our first day of fishing was challenging. An unusual south wind made it difficult to catch these Yellowtail. The South wind is supposed to switch back to a somewhat "normal" wind. Hopefully it turns around tomorrow.

Team Supreme

Tuna and Yelowtail!

by Team Supreme, 7-19-2019

Hello everyone,

The conditions for these Yellowtail are improving. It was a dramatic improvement today, the wind switched back to more westerly and the fish seemed happier with the change. We started our day picking at these Yellows until late morning. We then headed offshore to look for Tuna. Late in the day we found a nice foamer of Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna. We caught a few, both on the surface lures and the live bait with a torpedo sinker rig. We are hoping this tuna gets with it here soon.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme