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2019 Hess / 8 Day Trip from Jul 24, 2019

Making turns south

by Team Supreme, 7-26-2019

Good Morning Everyone,
Today was a nice travel day. We mainly rigged all day, preparing for tomorrow. We found a dead Elephant Seal in the middle of some beautiful water, usually a dead animal out there is a beacon for life if its in the correct water. We managed to hook and loose one Dorado, not nearly the volume of fish we are looking for.

We will start fishing tomorrow.

Will report then,
Team Supreme

Grouper and big Yellowtail

by Team Supreme, 7-27-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we started fishing around 11am. Lots of Yellowtail in the area, the majority of which are very small. However we did manage to pick off some nice 18-30 lbers with some quality Grouper mixed in as well.

We are camping out tonight and will try it in the morning before we start looking around.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Scratching at big Yellow and Grouper.

by Team Supreme, 7-28-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we had to work at it. The Yellowtail did not come easy, but we were able to piece it together with a couple flurries in the morning. For the most part the Yellowtail being tagged have been great size,18-35 lbs! In addition to the Yellowtail we we did land some beautiful grouper. Both Snowy and Leopard!. A great 8 day trip bonus!

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Wahoo, Tuna, Grouper, Dorado oh my!

by Team Supreme, 7-29-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we weeded through a lot of small Yellowfin Tuna for a few premium models, from 20-40 lbs! It was tough weeding through the little ones to get to the keeper tuna. There was some nice Snowy Grouper mixed in as well. A nice Tuna/Grouper combo.

We decided to head offshore around lunch time in search of kelp patties. We found one kelp that was absolute chaos. It was as fast as you could catch for a while. A beautiful Dorado bite to get everyone fired up. A few lucky anglers were lucky enough to catch some Wahoo on the kelp as well.

We are very happy with our day.

In search of Wahoo and Yellowtail tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Need to pull hard for the trophy Yellows!

by Team Supreme, 7-30-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we fished for trophy Yellowtail and Wahoo. The yellows were biting good but most were able to get int the rocks, or get eaten by waiting sharks. We did manage to land some trophy Yellowtail as well as a single large Grouper. There were less sharks later in the evening so we were able to land more Yellows at night.

There was very little Wahoo sign as we were driving around, we did manage to troll up one.

We stopped fishing around midnight and started traveling up.

We will see if we have time to fish tomorrow or the following day, depending on the speed we are making.

Will Report again tomorrow ,
Team Supreme

Aquarium Kelp

by Team Supreme, 7-31-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we were traveling up the line and looking for kelps. We found one kelp that was loaded with Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado. It was as good as it gets, like an aquarium in the water. We fished until everyone was content with the number of fish they tagged.

Fishing was so good they were eating the trolling lures bring dipped in the water. Very fun to say the least.

We may have some time to fish tomorrow for a little bit depending on our speed.

Will Report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme