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2019 Shima / Possible Guadalupe / 5 Day Trip from Aug 16, 2019

Shima Shooter

by Team Supreme, 8-17-2019

Hello Everyone,

We had a nice start to our Pat Shima 5 day. A exciting evening shooter on these 15-20 lb yellowfin.

They seem to bite very softly. We made some adjustments and will be ready for tomorrow.

Will report again in the morning,
Team Supreme

Mixed Bag First day!

by Team Supreme, 8-18-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we had some good fishing today. Great grade Yellowfin, some Yellowtail, Bluefin, and a Dorado. A great mixed bag for the day just hoping for better numbers tomorrow.

Will Report then,
Team Supreme

Yellowfin Plunking!

by Team Supreme, 8-19-2019

Good morning everyone,

Today we had a great day full of biting Yellowfin Tuna. It was not wide open but we were able to pick at them for a few hours. There were some nice Yellowtail and Bluefin mixed in as well.

We will be looking for kelps tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Better Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 8-20-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we had a hit on the better grade Bluefin Tuna. They were 30-40lbers, beautiful fish. There was also some Yellowtail and Yellowfin mixed in as well.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to catch some Bluefin to add some variety and size to the fish hold.

Will report again later,
Team Supreme