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Latest Fish Reports

Day three finale!

by Alec Robbie, 7-14-2019

Another great start today. The Yellowtail are biting extreme well. It was a great couple hours of fishing to start the day. 


After we had enough inshore fishing we decided to head offshore to look for Bluefin. We were able to connect later in the day, with 5 Tuna up to 40 lbs. 


Tough conditions offshore, hoping the tuna will bite better soon.


We will be in tomorrow morning,

Team Supreme

Polaris Supreme Trip Update

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Polaris Supreme Crew
by Team Supreme, 7-12-2019

How we ended up with only one picture today with such good fishing this morning on yellowtail I don't know? The one picture of Ricky kinda tells it all though! We took off and look for bluefin all afternoon and saw plenty! No biters. Most of the fish was 50 to 150 pounds! We will be trying for yellowtail again tomorrow. Great weather, great fishing and a great group of passengers on Joe Beck and Mal Wagstaff's three day charter.

Thanks for tuning in the Polaris supreme crew!

Yellowtail Start!

by Alec Robbie, 7-12-2019

Hey everyone 


The Yellowtail are biting extremely well right now.


We had a great afternoon on them yesterday and this morning as well! 


We are hoping to pair some Bluefin with these Yellowtail later this afternoon.


Will report again later,

Team Supreme

Polaris Supreme First Day Success

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Polaris Supreme Crew
by Team Supreme, 7-11-2019

Great day of fishing our first day out.We cleared the doc at 8 AM with bait on board. 2 hours later we where pulling 12 pound yellowtail over the side till 7pm. The weather is great and we are going to try our luck at this tomorrow.

 The Polaris Supreme Crew.

Plenty of Tuna!

by Alec Robbie, 7-10-2019

We had some incredible action today! 


The Bluefin Tuna we up high and dry in the morning Foaming around, boiling up, incredible life. 


We managed to get a hit in the morning for some 40-60 LB Tuna.


Later in the day the schools transitioned from boiling Tuna to Breezing and shining Tuna. Harder to see but by the end of the day our resilient anglers were able  to see the breezers with their own eyes and make the perfect cast. 


Lots of potential out here. 


We are looking forward to our next trip leaving Thursday.


Team Supreme

Morning update from the bridge.

by Alec Robbie, 7-09-2019

The Seeker boys have 3 Bluefin this morning up to 60 lbs.

Seeing lots of fish. Great weather.

Keep getting em boys!

Team Supreme

Seeker 1.5 day tonight!

by Alec Robbie, 7-08-2019

Come fishing on our Seeker 1.5 day trip leaving tonight! Only a few spots left! 


The boys are loading up for the seeker 1.5 day leaving this evening. With a light load and gourmet meals it will surely be the most comfortable way to fish for these Bluefin.


Bluefin are in the crosshairs. Everyone is ready for action. Go get em boys! 


Team Supreme

Putting your time in!

by Alec Robbie, 7-07-2019

Come fishing on our Seeker 1.5 day trip leaving tomorrow!

Some of the most incredible surface action I have seen!

We have been landing some quality Bluefin Tuna. However they have been making us work for them. 


Brief windows of opportunity’s throughout the day are keeping everyone on their toes. Overall a tough day.

Hopefully they want to bite better soon!

Team Supreme

In the Foam zone!

by Alec Robbie, 7-05-2019

Fishing is very technical now. Lots of Tuna but mainly being hooked with a well placed cast in a Tuna foamer. 


They are mainly biting surface lures.




Colt sniper stick baits 


Colt sniper jigs 

Tady 45 or Salas 7x surface irons 


Be ready to cast and be ready for action.

Team Supreme 

Surface Action!

by Alec Robbie, 7-04-2019


The tuna have been popping up quickly in violent “formers”.


The angler who are able to get a quick cast into the chaos have been the most productive ones! 


The trip out now has tuna ranging in size from 30-115 lbs! 


Hopefully they start biting as good as they show.


Team Supreme