Welcome to long range sportfishing out of Fisherman's Landing in San Diego, CA
Yellow & Bluefin Tuna, Albacore, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Mahi Mahi, Seabass and more!
The vessel at home in Fisherman's Landing San Diego, California.

Polaris Supreme

Long Range Fishing Reports

Oct. 2, 2015

~~Oct. 2
 We arrived to our destination at 1:30 this afternoon.  It was a lovely ride out here.  Hot, hot, hot.  It's steamy and hot out here.  Once again we had great wahoo fishing today.  If you wanted to catch a wahoo, all you had to do was try.  There was no wind out here today, and no current.  No wind+no current=bad tuna fishing.  We couldn't anchor up for one thing.  Without severely risking our anchor gear that is.  And even if we could, getting a bait away from the boat would be tough and flying a kite was impossible with no wind and all.  So after trying that and getting our fix on wahoo, we made some drifts.  It's hard to say how good the fishing was because we have 7 guys, and it's really tough to get them fishing.  They see the 2 guys fishing without a fish on and figure it's not good fishing so they just hang out on the rail, sometimes with a cigar, sometimes with a beer.  But I think we could've scratched good at 60-140 pound fish.  We caught a handful in that range.  Then came the rain.  It rained hard for about an hour after sunset.  The boat got a nice fresh water rinse. 

 So we're going to drift out here tonight, and hopefully by early morning we have some conditions and can anchor up for the morning hit and figure things out. 
    Drew and crew

Oct. 1, 2015

~~Oct. 1
 We caught a bunch of wahoo today.  It was pretty good wahoo fishing.  We short stopped all day long.  Boom, one.  Drive a hundred feet, boom, there's another.  Drive a hundred more feet, boom, there's two more.  Oh the sharks got one.  Drive another  hundred feet... and so on and so on.  That was pretty much our day.  All day long.  7 passengers on board might I add.  7.  A fisherman's dream.  The sharks were bad.  Very bad.  You would not of wanted to go swimming.  We may have lost 20 marauders today due to sharks.  20.  We'd hook a wahoo and the race was on.  Sometimes we'd win, and sometimes the sharks would win.  At one point we stopped and threw the anchor over for lunch, I thought I'd give a try with a sardine for tuna.  Well as soon as my bait hit the water there was 6 tuna fighting over it, and as soon as I hooked one there were about 12 sharks fighting over that tuna.  Jeremy finished eating and wanted to give it a try, and despite my warning, he threw a bait out there.  He instantly hooked a 50-60 pound tuna which he was able to fight for a few minutes, but as soon as he got it close, the sharks took over.  It was a cool sight to see though.  Maybe 20-30 sharks feeding on this fish.  I swear it looked like a tornado under the water.  Cool stuff.  We messed around feeding them and getting some cool video before moving on.

 The rest of the day went the same.  Short stopping.  Closer to dark we caught a couple nice tuna on the marauders.  Two lucky anglers.  The first was the Jer bear with a 145 pounder, and then the young John caught himself a tuna that taped out at 204.  His first cow.  The first one of the season for us.  For whatever reason the sharks didn't mess with those two.  They owed us.
  So now we're moving on.  The weather reports look like they went our way and we're headed over to where we hope the cow tuna are plentiful.  It's a bit of a move and we won't be arriving until after lunch.
     Drew and crew


Sept. 30, 2015

~~Sep 30
 We're fishing tomorrow!  We haven't been sure of any dates thus far until this afternoon.  Looking at the weather reports we are able to fish where we'll fish while still keeping an eye on the weather below.  So wahoo, here we come!  Tuna, here we come?  We hope so.  Like I've said before, we'll take it one day at a time.

 Nothing special comes to mind about today.  We finished up our seminars and ate way too much.  Naps, rigging...  Same old stuff.  It's beautiful out here though.  Nice sunsets and I'm sure the sunrises are nice too but those come during Tommy's watch on travel days.  We'll start seeing them tomorrow though.  We're fishing!
   Drew and crew