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We now have Guadalupe Permits!

Latest Fish Reports

Coming up nicely!

by Alec Robbie, 1-09-2019

Welcome aboard!

by Alec Robbie, 1-07-2019

Nice 2018 Guadalupe Yellowfin.

Black and Orange

by Alec Robbie, 1-03-2019

When it comes to Wahoo. You should always have at least one of these! Black and orange Marauder tried and true, year after year!

Suns setting on 2018!

by Alec Robbie, 12-31-2018

Thank you all for fishing with us this fine year! It was one for the books! Can’t wait to see what 2019 holds

Brighten up the Saturday!

by Alec Robbie, 12-29-2018

In the wee hours.

by Alec Robbie, 12-27-2018

Morning shot of the Supreme. Hope everyone is having a great pre Nee Year week! 

Happy Holidays from team Supreme!

by Alec Robbie, 12-25-2018

Early present unwrapped.

by Alec Robbie, 12-22-2018

Love that Blue Tiger!

by Alec Robbie, 12-20-2018

Had a great wahoo next year! 7-10 day trips are the place to be ! 

So tropical!

by Alec Robbie, 12-17-2018


We had awesome variety this year on our 8-10 day trips. Especially the Dorado fishing on kelp patty’s!