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Latest Fish Reports

Evening hit on local Yellow Fin!

by Alec Robbie, 9-25-2018

Polaris Supreme

by Team Supreme, 9-24-2018

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 09-23-2018

We got out early today and were in the local yellowfin tuna grounds by one p.m. We saw of plenty kelp's and several sonar schools of yellowfin tuna, It just didn't want to cooperate. Their where some great scores out here today for a few the boats and we're excited to try this again tomorrow and hopefully get in on the morning bite. The tuna we caught were absolutely beautiful grade!

The Polaris supreme crew!

Ninth inning Yellows!

by Team Supreme, 9-22-2018

Today was by no means easy. We did a lot of moving and re positioning. We had to grind it out for a few Yellowtail. Until the last 2 hours when they wanted to bite. Our bite window was well utilized and we were able to do some damage on some 18-25 lb Yellowtail. Great quality and great numbers to end on!

We are headed up the line tomorrow.

Schools in the morning and large models in the afternoon.

by Team Supreme, 9-21-2018

Today we had a good morning hit on the Tuna and Yellowtail. We were able to fill in the cracks for the people who still needed Tuna and also be selective for the larger models. After that we spent the day working up. picking up a few more Wahoo, Grouper, and larger Yellowtail .

We will be focusing on Yellowtail tomorrow.

Getting schooled by the rock monsters

by Team Supreme, 9-20-2018

Today was slow fishing for Wahoo. We only landed a couple. Not many bites and some were eaten by sharks. The conditions were rough and we were rolling around pretty good. We did have a shot at some large Yellowtail. They were deep in some treacherous country. For those who buttoned down their drags and pulled with all their might were able to tear a few from the rocks. A small victory on a otherwise slow day.

Tomorrow we will still be pursuing Wahoo, but will be in good country for Tuna and Yellowtail as well.

Clean in the dark some sorting in the light.

by Team Supreme, 9-19-2018

Today we had a good morning hit on the better grade tuna. Once the sun came up the tuna were still there and biting, but the skip jack moved in as well. Eventually it settled into a pick on the great grade tuna through the skip jack. We also had some Grouper and large Yellowtail mixed in.

We will be in search of Wahoo tomorrow.

The list grows!

by Team Supreme, 9-18-2018

We finally got settled in here late. The fishing was good, with a lot of action and a lot of variety. Tuna was the main game in town, they started small but eventually cleaned up into a nice 18-35 lb average. Mixed in with the Tuna were some Yellowtail, Grouper, and a Wahoo. A nice mixed bag to start off with.

Wild Bill draws first blood!

by Team Supreme, 9-17-2018

Still heading down here. Had to go a little further than planned, but we did manage to put our first fish on the boat. Here we have Wild Bill Walsh with the first Wahoo of the trip!

Making turns towards variety!

by Team Supreme, 9-16-2018

We are headed south at the moment. Today will consist of mainly rigging and prepping. Primarily for Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo.

We are looking for kelps today to keep them honest but our main focus is on making good speed for tomorrow.

Rolling up!

by Team Supreme, 9-15-2018

Rolling up!

Today we had to leave the peaceful waters of the Island to start making our way north. The sea is rolling us around for the course we need to take. Overall it is a smooth ride so far. Looking like an on time arrival tomorrow morning in San Diego.

Pictured here is Tim with a monster Yellowtail.