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Dear Friends of the Polaris Supreme,

For those of you who have been with us on the Polaris Supreme, it's great to have you out with us again this year. For those of you who will be joining us for the first time, it's my pleasure to welcome you into the Polaris Supreme family, as we look forward to being of service to you all. I wanted to make a few suggestions to make your SUPREME ADVENTURE more enjoyable.

Upon your arrival to Fisherman's Landing (2838 Garrison St.) in Point Loma on the morning of your trip, you should be able to check in right away. Our check in begins as soon as the previous trip is unloaded, Our boat secretary, Susan, will be either at the counter in Fisherman's Landing Tackle store, or on board the boat if they have gone to the fuel dock. Early check in allows us to depart as soon as 10:00 am on some trips. Even though our schedule says we will depart at 2:00 pm, the boat will actually depart as soon as all anglers are checked in. Please don't be late. This can cost us crucial fishing time.

When packing, it would be great if you could limit the amount of gear you bring on board. I'm not talking about the gear that you use all the time. I want you to bring all the new tackle you have purchased for your long-range adventure and feel comfortable that you have exactly what you need to fulfill your angling dreams. I am however, talking about not bringing every piece of equipment you have at home. There is a lot of gear that you will never use on one of these trips and that's best left at home. Feel free to talk with any of us here on the Polaris Supreme about what tackle is necessary for any given trip and we'll help you out with suggestions. If we can all limit the amount of unnecessary gear we bring on board, the result will be a more comfortable and less cluttered environment on board the Polaris Supreme.

One thing in particular is that we don't want you to bring any milk crates "Rocket Launchers" on board. If you would like to attach rods holders to the side or corners of your tackle box, please feel free to do so. Leaving the milk crates behind will result in more space for you and a much better fishing environment.

Remember, if you would like a suggested tackle, or have any questions at all regarding your trip, please call the Polaris Supreme office anytime as its our pleasure to make sure you're ready to go. Also, we do have on board the Polaris Supreme all terminal tackle, monofilament, and spectra line at reasonable prices, This option may also enable you to limit the amount of gear you bring on board for your trip.

We are looking forward to having you out with us on the Polaris Supreme. If there is anything we can do before your departure please just give us a call anytime. We are committed to making your trip the best long-range adventure you've ever had. Thanks again and welcome to the Polaris Supreme.