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We now have Guadalupe Permits!

Latest Fish Reports

Father’s Day Bluefin 2 day!

by Alec Robbie, 5-16-2019

Be sure to take dad our Bluefin Tuna fishing this Father’s Day. Nothing better than fishing with dad!

Bluefin Trips online!

by Alec Robbie, 5-04-2019

Bluefin Trips Online now! 

We added an additional 2 day trip and 3 day trip to our June Schedule. Max load of 24, meals included, and fishing the weekend.

New Gear for the New Year!

by Alec Robbie, 5-02-2019

Team Supreme wants to have the best boat gear for the Big Tuna fishing to come. So for this season we purchased New Seeker OSP 1x3 rods and Shimano Talica 20s. Perfect for the Guadalupe Yellowfin and Local Big Bluefin!

New reels on the Supreme!

by Alec Robbie, 4-25-2019

Team Supreme just got some new gear for the upcoming season. Brand new Talica 20s! Perfect for those local 100+ lb Bluefin and Guadalupe Yellowfin Tuna! 

Big thanks to our friends at Shimano reels for the great reels!

Pelican Cooler Giveaway!

by Alec Robbie, 3-02-2019

Team Supreme will be raffling off a Pelican cooler at the Fred hall show in Long Beach! Stop by our booth and find out details on how to enter and win!

Booby on the boat!

by Alec Robbie, 2-28-2019

Find your pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

by Alec Robbie, 2-05-2019

Gualalupe season is right around the corner.....

Take a kid fishing!

by Alec Robbie, 1-31-2019


Make sure to start looking for father son, father daughter, mother son, mother daughter, or any combination trip! 


The season is right around the corner!

There are lots of trips and opening for your next memory available now.

Coming up nicely!

by Alec Robbie, 1-09-2019

Welcome aboard!

by Alec Robbie, 1-07-2019

Nice 2018 Guadalupe Yellowfin.