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Latest Fish Reports

Phenix making Steele 2 day special!

by Alec Robbie, 7-08-2020

Thank you to Vince and Phenix rods for making the Steele 2 day a great trip with some awesome raffle prizes. A few lucky anglers walked off the boat with some brand new Phenix rods!

We are out this weekend on a 2 day trip. Only one spot left!

Great start on the Sparre 4 day

by Alec Robbie, 7-02-2020


Hello everyone, 


Today we had a great start to our  4 day trip sponsored by Bob Sparre.


We have been busy with kelp patty yellowtail and bluefin ranging in size from 20-40 lbs! 


We have been keeping busy but we are still looking for the coveted all day “plunker bite”


Hope we find it soon.


Will report again tomorrow, 

Team Supreme

Mixed bag on the Phenix trip!

by Alec Robbie, 7-01-2020

Fun fishing out here! Kelp patty yellowtail, 20-30 lb bluefin and yellowfin tuna! 

We have even had some chances at bigger tuna in the 50-80 lb class. 

Will report again soon,

Team Supreme 

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Tommy Rothery, 6-25-2020


Bluefin of all sizes and even kelp patty Yellows and Dorado.

by Alec Robbie, 6-24-2020

Wow what a first week of fishing.

There is a huge spectrum of fish to catch out there now. Some days it's 60-80 lb Bluefin, then 100-200 lb Bluefin , the next it's 12-20 lb Yellowtail and Dorado on kelp patties, then 20-40 lb Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna the next! The local waters are full of life right now. We can't wait to get back out there this Sunday for our open 1.5 day trip! 

Could be kelp patty Yellows, could be cow Bluefin tuna! 

We can't wait to find out! 

Hope to see you Sunday, 

Team Supreme 

Big Yellows now!

by Team Supreme, 12-06-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we had our sights set on Yellowtail.

We started the morning picking at great grade Yellowtail. Shortly after lunch it really turned on. We finished the day with a excellent Yellowtail catch. The Yellows were all great size, 18-25lbs. It was a great way to fill the remaining slots people had in their limits.

All the fish were caught on YoYo jigs and dropper loops. We could not have asked for better December Yellowtail fishing to finish up our trip.

We may have time to fish tomorrow for some Rockfish or Calico Bass. Hopefully we make good speed.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Wahoo hit and more Dorado!

by Team Supreme, 12-05-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we had a quick hit on the Wahoo early in the morning. After the quick hit on Wahoo the Dorado moved in and were ravenous. We looked around for more Wahoo, Tuna, and Grouper, little reward.

We will be trying for Yellowtail tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

Supremely sore after today!

by Team Supreme, 12-04-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we are supremely sore from pulling on fish. The morning was spent catching a handful of Wahoo, some Grouper, and a bunch of Yellowfin Tuna.

When the afternoon rolled around we went looking for Dorado, and found them. It was a excellent grade, and everyone caught as much as they wanted. Very good fishing.

We will be targeting Wahoo and Grouper tomorrow.

Wish us Luck,
Team Supreme

Holy Marlin!

by Team Supreme, 12-03-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we had incredible Striped Marlin fishing! Everyone hooked one, and at one point the crew counted 20 marlin hooked up, out of 22 people. Simply wide open.

In addition to the Marlin we were able to land a few nice Grouper and Tuna.

We will make a move in the night and hopefully be in Tuna and Wahoo Country tomorrow.

Will report then,
Team Supreme

Rigging Up

by Team Supreme, 12-02-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today was a rigging day. We spent the whole day getting our gear squared away for the upcoming days of fishing to come. Countless wire leaders, top shots, and lures were rigged up.

We are ready for what tomorrow brings.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme