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Latest Fish Reports

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 9-18-2020


Nice morning fishing 18 to 22 lb. Yellowtail in more great weather. We ended our fishing part of the trip just before lunch and will be traveling home all day tomorrow.

The Polaris Supreme Crew!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 9-17-2020


It was a fair bite on the good grade tuna in the morning. We caught the only angler who didn't have a Wahoo one. And then went scouting. We where rewarded with a Boomer school of Dorado. We fished it for 45 minuets, Releasing most all fish. We kept only 14. Yellowtail tomorrow.

See you then.
The Polaris Supreme Crew!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 9-16-2020


We had a good morning on good grade tuna, spent mid day catching small to medium grade yellowtail and the afternoon scratching away at the good grade tuna. Our weather is a little windy today! We miss our calm seas!

Trying for tuna tomorrow!
The Polaris Supreme Crew!

P.S. Sorry no tuna pics. too busy during the bite. Gust a pic. of a Wahoo we caught a big old Sheep's head and a nice calico we released.

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 9-15-2020


Excellent fishing this morning yellowtail in good weather. We spent the rest of the day looking for Wahoo and tuna with no luck. Tomorrow we will spend the day on mainly tuna.

Thank You for tuning in. The Polaris Supreme Crew!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 9-14-2020


Great weather today again. We had good Wahoo and Grouper fishing. Got to go Dorado biting.

Good Day on the Water.
The Polaris Supreme Crew!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 9-13-2020


We are just rolling down in great weather. The usual rigging going on. We will be hitting it hard tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in The Polaris Supreme Crew!


Wrapping up with huge Reds, Lingcod, and yellowtail.

by Alec Robbie, 9-13-2020

Hello everyone,


Today we finished with a Rockfish and Giant Lingcod bang. We had excellent fishing on big Reds and large Lingcod . Mixed in were a few large Yellowtail as well. A nice capstone to finish off a great trip. We will be in tomorrow and out for 8 days.


Will report again tomorrow,

Team Supreme

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 9-12-2020


We departed today on Bill Stephens annual 8 day charter. We got a nice early start with some OK looking bait. after seeing the great trip Alec had with the Simpatico charter we will be heading south for the trip. Weather rolling down is great. Smooth sailing.

Thanks for checking in the Polaris Supreme Crew!

Big Yellowtail up the coast.

by Team Supreme, 9-11-2020

Hello Everyone,

Today we spent the first half of the day going for larger Yellowtail. There were a lot of Yellowtail around, but there was a lot of bi-catch as well. We managed to catch some Yelllowtail through the Barracuda to add some 20-30 lbers to the mix. Most of them came on the Yoyo jig the first 10 cranks off the bottom.

Hoping for some Yellows tomorrow but will settle with some nice Reds and Ling cod.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

Great day Lots of Species.

by Team Supreme, 9-10-2020

Hello Everyone,
Today we had a great day of fishing. Lots of species. Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado, Wahoo, Grouper, and even a few Pargo. It was a blast, action all day.

The Yellowfin Tuna we caught were a great grade. 15-25 lbs. The Key to these larger grade fish was light line and a small hook. 25-30lb test and a size 2 hook. On this particular trip we have an abundance of Accurate Loaner Reels. The small Tern reels and Valiant reels really stood out when fishing these larger grade Yellowfin.

Tomorrow we will be targeting a larger grade of Yellowtail.

Wish us Luck,
Team Supreme