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Latest Fish Reports

3 Day Trip Openings

by Team Supreme, 9-11-2023

We had several last minute cancellations for our upcoming 3 Day. We have 3 spots for the trip departing this Wednesday. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to fish with us aboard the Polaris Supreme in September. The trip is limited to 18 passengers. 

Big Bluefin Limits

by Team Supreme, 9-11-2023

After a change of scenery for the last 8 Days, we are back on the Bluefin grounds and they didn't disappoint. We kicked off our 3 Day with limits of Bluefin Tuna for the first 2 days. It's an excellent grade, with most weighing 70-150lbs. 

Big Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 8-18-2023

The guys are going into day 3 of their trip with 108 Bluefin Tuna up to 180lbs. The big Bluefin have made an excellent showing. As of this morning, we have 30 fish from 100-180lbs! There has been some fun daytime action in addition to the night bite. 

3 Day Seeker Sponsored Trip Recap

by Team Supreme, 8-13-2023

We had a great group and great fishing on our 3 Day Seeker sponsored trip. Wrapped up the trip with limits of Bluefin Tuna up to 180lbs. We had a few good shots at the bigger grade in the dark and our anglers really took advantage of the opportunities. 

Bluefin Limits

by Team Supreme, 8-08-2023

We're off to a great start on our 3 Day. We kicked things off with some fantastic nighttime fishing on the 80-160lb grade. By the time the sun came up we had limits for our first day. The good times rolled right into the day and we rounded out or second days limits on the 20-40lb grade. 

Bluefin Limits and Quality Yellowtail

by Team Supreme, 8-01-2023

We put together a great 3 Day trip. Limits of Bluefin Tuna up to 165lbs and 73 excellent grade Yellowtail. The Tuna cooperated early in the trip and that gave us an opportunity to focus on some other species. It was a nice change of pace with plenty of surface action on the quality Yellows.  

3 Day Bluefin Limits

by Aliyar Nabi, 7-31-2023

Checking in from our 3-day trip. We are currently out and enjoying excellent fishing. We have caught limits of Bluefin Tuna for all 3 days, and now we are targeting Yellowtail.

The Yellowtail fishing in the morning is very good. We have 54 nice fish with a nice grade, averaging 18-22 pounds, a few small ones, and some nicer ones around 35 pounds.

Good fishing all around, guys. We do have some open spots in December and a few spots available for 2024.

Give Lindsey a call at 619-706-3634. Hopefully, we'll see you all aboard.

3 Day Update

by Team Supreme, 7-28-2023

We have had to work hard at it the last few days, but we have been rewarded with some excellent quality. As of sunup we had 75 Bluefin from 50-150lbs, with many of the fish favoring the top end of the spectrum. We still have the remainder of the day left to fish and we are hoping to add a few more.

Quality Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 7-27-2023

Started off our 3 Day on the right note. Managed some triple digit fish in the dark. We have a great group of anglers onboard and we are looking forward to a fun couple days of fishing. 

4 Day Bluefin Update

by Team Supreme, 7-25-2023

The guys checked in from their 4 Day with 75 Bluefin Tuna up to 150lbs. The quality is there, with most fish falling in the 60-80lb range. Overall, the fish have been very unsettled. Our group has capitalized on the opportunities available, but we are still waiting for that right school. There is still plenty of time left to fish today and we are hoping to finish on a high note.