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Latest Fish Reports

Stateroom Renovations

by Team Supreme, 1-14-2022

Stateroom overhaul is officially underway. It’s full speed on the interior this year. 

We still have a long way to go, but the galley is starting to take shape again. Can’t wait for the finished product. 

Renovations Underway

by Team Supreme, 1-11-2022

Major renovations underway. With no time to waste, the guys have started demo. The next time you fish with us you will be treated to a fully remodeled galley! We will post pictures of the progress and other projects as we go. 

New Year Same Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 1-09-2022

Off to a great start to 2022. We returned from our 3 Day this morning with 32 Bluefin Tuna. While we had to work for the fish we landed, there was an excellent sign of Bluefin in the area and our anglers had opportunities at some nice grade fish. We had Bluefin up to 110lbs, but most were in the healthy 60-80lb range. 

Nothing like catching quality Bluefin on flyline sardines in January! We are headed into boat work, but check out our early season schedule. There are 3 Days and 1.5 Day trips available in March and April. 

2022 Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 1-08-2022

We started off the new year right where we left off. Captain Aliyar called in from the 3 Day trip with 25 Bluefin from 40-80 pounds. There is plenty of time left to fish today and the guys are hoping to add more to the count.

We will be headed into boat work after this trip, but check out our early season schedule. There are 3 Days and 1.5 Day trips available in March and April. Hopefully this Bluefin is a sign of things to come.  


by Team Supreme, 12-31-2021

We finished off the year with a bang. Ended up with 21 Bluefin. 2 over 200lbs, 18 from 100-200lbs and one at 90lbs. 

It was an amazing season. We kicked things off back in April with some wide open Bluefin fishing and here we are on the last day of 2021 weighing up 200lb Bluefin! 

There are currently 2 spots left on the 1.5 Day departing tomorrow. Book now and start the New Year off right. 

Back on the Big Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 12-28-2021

Back on the big Bluefin! Captain Aliyar called in with 16 Bluefin from 100-200lbs. Great start to the New Years 5 Day trip. They will be fishing Yellowtail today and when the weather lays down they will resume Tuna fishing. 

Bluefin Limits!

by Team Supreme, 12-19-2021

We returned to the dock this morning with limits of Bluefin for our trip. What more can you ask for the week before Christmas! 

Although the crew is looking forward to some much needed time with the families, there was a lot of fish in the area and we are anxious to get back at it on our New Years 5 Day. So until then, happy holidays! 

We arrived in the Bluefin zone late yesterday

by Team Supreme, 12-17-2021

We arrived in the Bluefin zone late yesterday to an excellent sign of fish. Unfortunately, after hanging a couple of fish we were forced to head back to the dock due to an unexpected passenger issue.


All is well now and we are headed back out this morning. Hope to be back on the Bluefin by this evening.

10 Day Wrap Up

by Aliyar Nabi, 12-14-2021

Captain Aliyar called in with us today from the Polaris Supreme:

Got tied up this morning from our Holeman 10 Day trip with 15 anglers on board. We ended up with 46 Wahoo, limits of Yellowfin Tuna nice grade 20-45 pounders, 70 Dorado and some grouper. Overall it was excellent December fishing. We have availability on next years trip, so be sure to check out the schedule. This is a great trip if you want to have some fresh fish for the Holidays.  

We have 2 spots open on December 16th for a 3 Day trip. In March we have spots on for a 3 Day leaving March 25th and a 1.5 Day departing March 30th.

Check us out online give Lindsay a call 619-706-3634.

Excellent fishing across the board

by Team Supreme, 12-10-2021

The guys called in from the Holeman 10 Day with some excellent fishing across the board. They have limits of Yellowfin Tuna, 70 Dorado and 46 Wahoo for the trip so far.




Current pictures to come. These were a couple of nice Wahoo caught on our last 9 Day.