Polaris Supreme
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Limited Load Long Range Sportfishing
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Safety is paramount aboard the Polaris Supreme. The vessel is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. As such, it is inspected annually and maintained in accordance with current USCG regulations. This incudes both haul out and topside inspections. The vessel is equipped with life saving equipment.

Our crew is trained in emergency protocol and undergoes routine drills to ensure the safety of passengers while onboard the vessel.

When the vessel is underway, a licensed operator will be at the wheel at all times. When traveling at night we maintain a two man watch system. This includes a licensed captain at the helm and a roaming watchman who checks the engine room, deck and stateroom hallways to ensure the safety of passengers. The roaming watchman also checks in with the Captain periodically. The bridge is equipped with a watch alarm, which sounds every 15 minutes and needs to be reset manually.

All of these systems and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all those onboard. If you have any questions or concerns at any point in time please notify a captain or crew member and they will be happy to assist.