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Latest Fish Reports

Dorado, Yellowtail and Tuna

by Team Supreme, 8-08-2022

The boat just checked in from their 2 Day trip with some fantastic mixed bag fishing. They have limits of Dorado, 25 Yellowtail, 14 Bluefin and 7 Yellowfin for their 20 anglers. Captain Aliyar reported that all of their Tuna came on the 30# flyline setups. 

4 Day Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 8-05-2022

Captain Tanner checked in from their 4 Day with some excellent Bluefin fishing. They are currently one fish shy of limits. It’s a mixed grade of fish with standouts up to 185lbs. 


Another Epic Trip

by Team Supreme, 8-02-2022

Another epic trip in the books. We returned from a 3 Day this morning with 128 Bluefin up to 185lbs. 60 of the fish were over 100lbs! We had a few excellent shots at some nice schools in the dark and our group was able to capitalize. 

Bluefin Limits

by Team Supreme, 7-31-2022

Captain Aliyar checked in from the first of their 3 Day trip with limits of Bluefin Tuna! Half of the fish are in the  80-150lb range and the rest are 40-60lbs. They still have a couple days left to fish so stay tuned for more updates. 

Bluefin Limits

by Team Supreme, 7-24-2022

We departed yesterday morning on a 7 Day and it didn't take long to get back in the action. Captain Aliyar checked in this morning with limits of Bluefin for the first day of fishing. The quality was excellent. 17 of the fish were over 100lbs and the rest were in the 40-80lb range. Plenty of time left in the trip, so stay tuned for more updates. 


by Team Supreme, 7-21-2022

Captain Aliyar just checked in from their 4 Day with 49 Bluefin. Half of the fish are in the 80-150lb range and the other half are solid 40-50lb fish. 

Plenty of time left to fish so stay tuned for more updates. 

We still have a handful of spots open for the 7 Day departing Saturday. Book now and take advantage of the fun summertime action. 

Bluefin Tuna and 7 Day Openings

by Team Supreme, 7-18-2022

The boat checked in with 80 Bluefin up to 150lbs. There is no shortage of fish in the zone, but they have been more challenging to hook the last several days. The quality is still excellent. Most of the fish are in the 60-80lb range. 

Due to some last minute cancellations, we have a few spots open on our upcoming 7 Day. The trip departs this Saturday July 23rd. 


5 Day Wrap Up

by Team Supreme, 7-14-2022

We returned from our 5 Day this morning with full fish holds and happy anglers. Bluefin fishing was nothing short of phenomenal. We finished with limits of Bluefin up to 200lbs. The average size was 60-100lbs. 

Trips like this are truly special. To catch limits of that quality is a rare occurrence and it's an experience that our anglers won't soon forget. We rounded out the trip with some fun Yellowtail and Dorado fishing. Overall, it was an amazing trip. Headed back out on another 5 Day this morning. 


Bluefin up to 200LBS!

by Team Supreme, 7-11-2022

The boat checked in this evening with limits of Bluefin for the second day of their 5 day trip. The grade of fish is exceptional. We are starting to see the larger ones mixed in. We have a few standouts up to 200lbs! According to captain Aliyar, most of the fish are being caught on jigs. If you’re on an upcoming trip, don’t forget the heavy gear. The big Bluefin are biting again! 

Bluefin Limits!

by Team Supreme, 7-10-2022

The Bluefin fishing is back on! Captain Aliyar called in with limits of Bluefin for the first day of their 5 Day trip. The fish are up to 100lbs, with most falling in the 60 to 80lb range. The night fishing was excellent, and conditions are looking good so far today. They hope to stay productive during the daylight hours. We will keep you posted as we hear from the boat.