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Latest Fish Reports

All About the Quality

by Team Supreme, 7-11-2024

Last night was all about the quality. We landed 47 Bluefin, 40 of which were over the 100lb mark. It was a great start to our 3 Day. We have plenty of time left to fish, so stay tuned for more updates. 

2 Day Check In

by Team Supreme, 7-09-2024

And the beat goes on. We departed yesterday morning on a 2 Day and after spending the day getting rigged up and rested, we arrived on the grounds to a good sign of fish. When the sun came up this morning we had 67 Bluefin Tuna on the boat, 20 of which were over 100lbs. We also had one Yellowfin in the mix. 

Off to a Great Start

by Team Supreme, 7-06-2024

We departed yesterday morning on a 3 Day and once we were back in the zone we picked up right where we left off. Headed into the second day of our trip with 63 Bluefin Tuna. 28 fish over 100lbs and the rest in the 40-80lb range. It was a fun evening. 

4 Day Wrap Up

by Team Supreme, 7-05-2024

We returned from our 4 Day this morning with a nice load of quality Bluefin. We ended up with 60 Bluefin from 100-180lbs and some 40-60lb fish to round out the count. The overall grade of fish was exceptional. The Bluefin didn't make it easy, but we fished hard and put together a solid trip. It's important that you are well rested and ready to take advantage of the opportunities at night. Back at it on a 3 Day this morning. 

Steady Action on the Big Grade

by Team Supreme, 7-03-2024

We have had some good opportunity on the larger Bluefin the last two evenings. In addition to some 40-60lb fish we have 40 Bluefin from 100-180lbs. We hate to sound like a broken record, but it is imperative that you come prepared with the appropriate gear and an assortment of jigs. The window of opportunity can be short and the successful angler is always prepared. 

Big Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 6-30-2024

Back on the big ones. 69 Bluefin for the trip with 30 fish between 100 and 210lbs. 

If you’re on an upcoming trip, it’s crucial that you come prepared with an assortment of jigs from 100-350g. Having multiple options will allow you to adjust to the ever changing conditions. It’s equally as important to have some redundancy among sizes as well. 

3 Day Wrap Up

by Team Supreme, 6-27-2024

We finished up our 3 Day on a high note. We found several schools that really wanted to bite last night. In addition to our 41 Bluefin from 100-160lbs, we had another 70 fish in the 40-60lb range. 

Big Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 6-26-2024

Conditions are changing in our favor. Headed into the second day of our trip with 41 Bluefin from 100-160lbs! Don’t forget the heavy gear. 

3 Day Wrap Up

by Team Supreme, 6-21-2024

We returned from our 3 Day this morning with 136 Bluefin Tuna. We finished on a high note last night when we found a few spots that really wanted to cooperate. A quick turnaround this morning and then we are back at it on another 3 Day. 

3 Day Update

by Team Supreme, 6-20-2024

The beat goes on. Captain Tanner checked in from our 3 Day with 85 Bluefin up to 60lbs.