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Latest Fish Reports

Wahoo, Yellowfin and Dorado

by Team Supreme, 12-02-2022

Wrapped up our fishing to the south with great Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna action. Even added some December Dorado to the mix. Headed to the Bluefin zone to finish out the trip. We’ll keep you posted. 


by Team Supreme, 11-28-2022

Off to a great start on our 9 Day. Wahoo fishing has been nothing short of spectacular. Everyone knows that feeling when you get into the zone and everything starts going your way. Hoping this sets the tone for the fishing the rest of the trip.

We had one spot open up on our next trip. It’s a 10 Day departing Sunday December 4th. Book online or give Lindsay a call at 616-706-3634 to reserve your spot today! 

Bluefin Limits and 9 Day Openings

by Team Supreme, 11-21-2022

It didn't take long to get back on the fish. The guys checked in this morning with limits of Bluefin for the first day of their trip. Most of the fish are in the 60-110lb range. The 200-300g jigs are still working best. 

In other news, we had a few spots open up on the Seeker sponsored 9 Day trip departing this coming Friday. Book online or give Lindsay a call at 619-706-3634.

Steady Bluefin Fishing

by Team Supreme, 11-19-2022

Got 'em good last night. Aliyar checked in this morning with 100 Bluefin so far for their 3 Day. They had great fishing on the 200-300g jigs last night. Most of the fish are in the 60-80lb range with a few 100lb fish mixed in. They still have the rest of the day left to fish. We will keep you posted. 

7 Day Update

by Team Supreme, 11-15-2022

The boat checked in from their 7 Day with steady action across the board. They have 45 nice grade Wahoo to go along with some fun Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail fishing. They still have a few days left to fish before they have to start working their way back up the line. We will keep you updated. 

Wahoo, Yellowfin, Yellowtail and Dorado

by Team Supreme, 11-07-2022

Started off our 8 Day with a little weather, but we settled into some fun mixed bag fishing. Aliyar checked in with 31 Wahoo to go along with their excellent Yellowfin Tuna fishing. They rounded out their count with 70 Yellowtail and 55 Dorado. All in all, it's been a fun trip for our group of anglers. 

Exceptional Bluefin Fishing

by Team Supreme, 10-30-2022

Nothing but quality on this last trip. We returned from our 3 Day this morning with 118 Bluefin Tuna. Finished up with 53 Bluefin from 100-150lbs! There was some excellent opportunity at the larger grade fish. After some heavy causalities on the first day, our group got in the rhythm and put together a memorable trip. 

50 Bluefin from 100-150lbs!

by Team Supreme, 10-29-2022

Captain Aliyar checked in from their 3 Day with some phenomenal fishing. They have 104 Bluefin Tuna, 50 of which are 100-150lbs! The rest are in the 40-60lb range. They have plenty of time left to fish today and are hoping to add a few more before they have to head for home. 

Bluefin Limits

by Team Supreme, 10-27-2022

Another great trip in the books. We returned from a 4 Day this morning with limits of Bluefin Tuna for our 23 anglers. We finished up with 18 from 100-200lbs with one standout weighing 267. 

Excellent Bluefin Fishing

by Team Supreme, 10-25-2022

Captain Aliyar just checked in from Day 3 of their trip with 104 Bluefin Tuna for their 23 anglers. They have 16 fish between 100-200lbs and one standout at 267! The rest of the fish are in the 40-60lb range. They had excellent daytime fishing yesterday on the flylined baits.