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Latest Fish Reports

First Trip of the Season

by Team Supreme, 2-26-2024

It's official, our first trip of the season departs next week! We still have some space available, so take advantage of the opportunity and book your spot now. There has been a great sign of Bluefin within multi-day range. If you will be joining us on this trip, we recommend the following tackle:

  1. 100# Nighttime Jig fishing setup-  200-400g Knife jigs
  2. 80# Sinker Rig/Flyline setup-  2/0-3/0 Mutu Circle Hooks and 4-10oz Torpedo Sinkers
  3. 60# Flyline setup-  Size 2 and 4 Mutu Circle Hooks
  4. 40# Flyline setup-  Size 2 and 4 Mutu Circle Hooks
  5. 30# Flyline setup-  Size 2 and 4 Mutu Circle Hooks

March Bluefin Trips

by Team Supreme, 2-12-2024

There is a good sign of fish within Multi-Day range and we are excited to announce that our first trip of the season will be departing on March 7th! The 3 Day departs at 7AM. Spots are going fast so be sure to make reservations. 

The start of our 2024 season is right around the corner

by Aliyar Nabi, 2-09-2024

Boat work is in full swing and we’ve been making some great progress. New air conditioning unit is installed and the generators are in the boat. The new bucket for the house is being fabricated and should be ready to go here shortly.

We have a couple new 3 Day trips scheduled on March 7th and 14th that still have availability. The trip departing on 3/14 is a definite run! Book online or give Lindsay a call to reserve your spot today.

Project Updates

by Team Supreme, 1-30-2024

Boat work is in full swing and we've been making some great progress. New air conditioning unit is installed and the generators are in the boat. The new bucket for the house is being fabricated and should be ready to go here shortly.

We still have space available on the first couple trips in March. Be sure to check out the schedule. Looking forward to getting back at it. 

Upcoming Trip Openings

by Aliyar Nabi, 1-22-2024

Hello everyone, good afternoon. This is Aliyar from Polaris Supreme. I wanted to inform you that we've added a couple of new trips to our schedule. The first one is a 3-day trip starting on March 7 at 7:00 AM and returning on March 10 at 8:00 AM.

The second trip departs on Thursday, March 14 at 7:00 AM and returns on Sunday, the 17th at 8:00 AM. The cost for these trips is $1160.

Additionally, our commercial fleet in Mexico has recently experienced some exciting fishing opportunities for bluefin. If you're interested, please contact Lindsey at 619-706-3634, or you can visit our website at Polaris Supreme.com

We still have openings for trips throughout the spring, summer, and fall, so don't miss out. Feel free to reach out to Lindsey if you have any questions, or simply go online. Thank you!

Rainy Day Projects

by Team Supreme, 1-22-2024

We hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays. After some much deserved rest, the crew has been back at work making preparations for the upcoming season. Maintenance is in full swing and we wanted to share some of the improvements that are currently underway. 

Although most of the projects are behind the scenes, so to speak, they are being done with your comfort and fishing experience in mind. We have several plumbing projects on the list this year. Along with replacing all the bait lines, we are in the process of installing all new plumbing in the heads. A new air conditioning unit for the staterooms is in the works as well.

The galley was renovated recently, but we will be touching up a few areas. All the cushions are being replaced and reupholstered. The interior walls in the high traffic areas will also be freshened up with new wallpaper. 

There are a couple new additions in the machinery department as well. We are in the process of installing two new generators. You will also notice a change up on the house. We have fabricated a new tower and bucket with room for two. This will help the crew keep an eye on the fish. 

We are excited about the upcoming season and happy to announce that a couple new trips have been added in the Spring. There are two 3 Day trips with openings. They will be departing 3/7 and 3/14. Spots won't last long, so be sure to get on it quick if you want to lead the charge on the 2024 season!

Wrapping up the Bluefin Season on a High Note

by Team Supreme, 12-13-2023

The guys just checked in from the second day of our 2 Day trip with 50 Bluefin Tuna from 20-50lbs. They still have some time left to fish and they are hoping to add a few more before calling it a trip. It's been another great year, and everyone is looking forward to spending the Holidays with their families before wrapping the year up with our annual 5 Day. 

December Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 12-08-2023

Captain Aliyar just checked in on the first evening of our 2 Day with 20 Bluefin Tuna on the boat with more hanging. Most of the fish are in the 30-50lb range. They're hoping for a productive night bite. Check back in the morning for more updates. 

December Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 12-05-2023

After wrapping up a great 10 Day with Wahoo, Yellowfin and Yellowtail, Captain Tanner has our group back on the Bluefin! We departed yesterday morning and it didn't take long to find the fish. Our 2 Day group has 31 Bluefin on the boat from 20-40lbs. We still have a few spots on upcoming 2 Day trips. Check out the schedule and make your reservations today.

Wahoo Fishing

by Team Supreme, 11-27-2023

Arrived at our destination yesterday morning and have been focusing our efforts on Wahoo fishing. We've scratched away at a nice grade, but the tax man is taking his share. We are hoping for a reprieve tomorrow. 

We have some space available on upcoming trips. There are a few spots on 2 Day trips through the first half of December and space available on our 8 Day departing on December 14th. Book online or give Lindsay a call to reserve your spot today.