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2018 Simpatico / 5 Day Trip from Sep 1, 2018

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 09-1-18

by Team Supreme, 9-01-2018

Quick turn around! Quick Check in!

We turned around today on our Simpatico 5 day charter in record time! Great jump on everything and now currently in route to Guadalupe. Looking like a great eta tomorrow.

Pictured here is a Wahoo caught last trip! Even some skinnies at the Island!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 09-3-2018

by Team Supreme, 9-03-2018

Iven moving on up!

We had a great a day of fishing today. Our fishing started today at noon and we had non stop action all day long. We landed some nice Yellowfin tuna between 40-80 lbs. However with great tuna action came great shark action. Our resilient passengers were hooking these tuna very well, but the lurking Great White Sharks were hot on their tails. Eating a large majority of our nicer tuna hooked.

Pictured here is Ivan with his prized tuna that he was able to hustle in through the sharks! Very different than last years fish ( other fish pictured). Great improvement!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 09-4-18

by Team Supreme, 9-04-2018

Tax evasion.

Today had a slow start but really heated up after noon. It was more of the same when it came to the sharks, but the second half of the day we really got on these fish when we had the opportunity. Pulling hard the whole time and bringing in some nice fish through the sharks.

Here we have Aiden with a great Tuna he was able to pull away from the tax man! (aka Shark) Way to get on him Aiden!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 09-5-18

by Team Supreme, 9-05-2018

Less flash, more RESULTS!

Today we hit our stride. Pulling on fish hard to get them away from the sharks, in addition to that the conditions improved in our favor. We had less fish around us today but our landing ratio was much better. We were able to put together a nice day picking at quality Yellowfin. Ranging from 40-80 lbs with the occasional 100 lber. Great day overall.