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2018 Bogart/Private / 2 Day Trip from Sep 6, 2018

Polaris Supreme Trip Report 09-6-2018

by Team Supreme, 9-07-2018

Fresh and Fast!

Recently we have been doing a lot of quick turnarounds to try and maximize fishing time for our clients. Recently we had a beautiful 200 lb Bluefin Tuna donated to the boat. Thanks to Sean and the people of Fishermans Processing we were able to have the Tuna filleted, packaged, and returned to the the boat in time for an early departure. Because of this our passengers were able to enjoy fresh Bluefin Tuna sushi on our way down the following trip.

Thank YOU for going the extra mile for us so WE could go the extra mile for our customers!

Bogarting the Dorado!

by Team Supreme, 9-08-2018

We had a great day of fishing here on our Bogart Construction 2 day. There were some slow times but also some fast and furious times! We had great fishing on beautiful Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna. It was a bit crazy at times but tons of fun!