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2018 THORNE FAMILY Private / 4 Day Trip from Oct 11, 2018

Getting the jitters out.

by Team Supreme, 10-12-2018

Today we started our Thorne family four day trip. Most of the fishing seems to be slightly out of our reach today. However we were able to pull on some fish. Mostly Skip Jack and small Yellowtail. Not necessarily the targeted species but great fun for the kids as well as a good starter for the adults.Nothing is better practice for following your lines than a school of wild Skipjack!

Here we have Kingston and Justine with the perfect starter fish to get the skunk off and release back into the ocean.

Now we are ready for tomorrow. Targeting Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado .

The Thornes Got Game!

by Team Supreme, 10-13-2018

Today we were able to get in on some great Tuna and Dorado action. Mostly smaller Tuna, but the Dorado were all great grade!

We will be focusing on Yellowtail tomorrow.

Pictured here we have young Colt showing off his big Dorado!

Also pictured is Mike and Braxtson with their beautiful Dorado!

Big Yellows and a lot of em!

by Tommy Rothery, 10-14-2018

Today we had fantastic fishing on 15- 25 lb Yellowtail. We were able to get on a couple really nice schools that made for some great action! Both the kids and the fathers did a great job putting the wood to these fish! There was definably a lot of sore arms when it was all said and done.

Here we have Colt and Kingston with some nice Yellowtail.

Hopefully they will be rested up for offshore tomorrow. We will be looking for Tuna and Dorado.

The kids are getting picky!

by Team Supreme, 10-15-2018

Today we spent our day offshore looking for kelps. We had outstanding fishing on the smaller Yellowfin Tuna even though we released most of them.Our main target today was trying to find some Dorado, and a couple kelps had just what we needed. We ended up with with an action packed day of quality Dorado and small Yellowfin fishing.

A great way to end the trip. full of action and a few bigger fish.