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2018 Guadalupe Island/ OPEN / 5 Day Trip from Oct 15, 2018

Guadalupe Shoulder mount!

by Team Supreme, 10-16-2018

Today we departed on a 5 day Guadalupe Island trip. We got a very early jump and are loaded up with a great load of bait. We are all excited to get fishing and are hoping we do not encounter too many of these Guadalupe Shoulder mounts, courtesy of the resident sharks.

Found the fish, just not biting yet.

by Team Supreme, 10-17-2018

We arrived at the Island around 1 pm. We did a lot of searching before we got the anchor down and began to fish. Immediately we began seeing fish boiling around and on the sonar. However bites were few and far between. We did land a couple larger models but it did not do justice to what was around.

Hopefully they want to bite tomorrow.

Here we have Jim starting us off with a nice Yellowfin Tuna.

Better grade and Ratio.

by Team Supreme, 10-19-2018

Today was tough fishing. We were able to hook and land more fish today and they were all better grade. The fish today were also more eager to eat bigger line and hooks as opposed to the ones yesterday. Because of that we were able to put the wood to them and bring them to the boat quickly. We had some shark casualties but nothing too extreme. In fact the ones that were getting chased by the sharks charged the boat to try and evade them. So as long was we were ready with a gaff and able to steer the fish clear from the propellers and rudders we had some fish that came right in.

Overall a tough but fruitful day.

Wee will be looking for kelp's tomorrow targeting school sized Tuna and Dorado.

Ending on action!

by Team Supreme, 10-20-2018

Today we spent our final day offshore. We had a few hours to try for some kelp patty Tuna and Dorado. We tried multiple kelp's for nothing. However we did have one kelp patty that was an absolute aquarium. It was wide open for the smaller yellowfin tuna. It was incredible action to end on.

We also caught a few bonus Dorado as well.

A fantastic Finnish to a five day trip.