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2018 Holeman / OPEN / 10 Day Trip from Nov 4, 2018

En route to Bend!

by Team Supreme, 11-05-2018

Today we are making turns to the island. We are looking like a late afternoon arrival. Bent rods and big fish are on everyone's mind.

Got in late for slow fishing.

by Team Supreme, 11-06-2018

Today we arrived at the Island late in the day. We did not see much on our way down the east side, We started to see a little life once we reached the southern part of the island. However it was late in the day and we were not able to connect.

Hopefully we can get it started here tomorrow!

Big and Picky.

by Team Supreme, 11-07-2018

Today was a tough day at the island. There was a lot of fish around but we had trouble getting bites. However the bites we were able to get were great grade. Most being 50-70 lbs and one standout that was well into the mid hundreds.

We are going to try our hand at the variety the day after tomorrow. Hopefully Wahoo, Dorado, Grouper, and school sized tuna.

Pictured here is Randy with the big tuna of the day also pictured is John in the heat of battle with his tuna.

Found our Shot at Gold!

by Team Supreme, 11-08-2018

Today we spent our day looking for kelps. There was a lot of kelps but we had to be selective and persist through many empty's until we were able to find one that was holding. The fruitful kelp for us had beautiful Dorado that wanted to bite.It was a chaotic 30 minutes of biting fish, but we made the most out of it. Everyone was able to land a Dorado and we even picked off a Wahoo!

Here we have Mark and Jon with their beautiful Dorado!

Jon wants to make sure his family knows he is having a blast so far on his trip!

Raining bait and grinding catching Tuna!

by Team Supreme, 11-09-2018

Today we spent the day trying for Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna. It was a grind but we were able to catch some Yellowtail, great grade Tuna, and some Wahoo. Not the red hot bite that we were hoping for but still a good time none the less.

We also had to make bait tonight. It went great. Lots of mackerel came aboard and we have plenty to fish with.

We will try it again tomorrow for the hoos and Tuna.

Pictured here is Mick with a large Yellowtail and crewmen Jake (the Snake) and Morgan doing some shaking in the wee hours of the morning.

Couple of shots at the good grade fish!

by Team Supreme, 11-10-2018

Today we had some decent Tuna and Wahoo fishing. It was for sure a grind but we were able to capitalize on a few shots on both Tuna and Wahoo. The Wahoo were good grade and really keyed in on the mackerel we caught last night. So it was as good thing we put in the work in to catch them! The shot at tuna yielded a great grade of fish . 20-40 lbers. The only downside is that they quit biting when the current died.

Tomorrow we will try for wahoo and Dorado on kelps wish us luck !

Here we have Gary with his big Wahoo and a nice Supreme Sunset .

Great day in the nest!

by Team Supreme, 11-11-2018

Today we spent the day in the crows nest looking for kelps. We had 73 degree water and flat seas . We were able to find some nice kelp patties with some Dorado and a few Wahoo on them. Nice little hits of action through out the day.

Tomorrow we will be at Guadalupe Island to try for trophies.

Here we have Gary with a great kelp patty Dorado on the light line!

Also here is Mark with his first wahoo of the trip!

Trophy time!

by Team Supreme, 11-12-2018

Well the fishing is not red hot but the grade is for sure bigger. We had many Yellowfin Tuna today that are over 100 lbs. Incredible grade. There is lots of life here and we have another day to see if they really want to bite. Wish us luck!

Here we have Mike Grella with a well earned Guadalpe Tuna. Also we have Richard with his big tuna well over 100lbs caught on a Penn senator reel! Holy cow Richard you sure do like a challenge! Good job though!

Grinding away at good ones!

by Team Supreme, 11-13-2018

Today was better fishing. It was still a grind but we were able to get some real trophies for our last day.

Pictured here we have Mic with his beautiful Yellowfin.

Also we have Jim Holman and Jon Collins with their big fish of the trip! Nice Job guys!