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2019 Joseph A. McMurray Inaugural Memorial Fishing Charter (Private) / 4 Day Trip from Jul 20, 2019

Lot of Life! few Bluefin.

by Team Supreme, 7-22-2019

Hello everyone,

This morning we woke up anchored with hopes of Yellowtail. Conditions were good but we were not able to connect. After that we went looking offshore. Lots of bird and bait life but no incredible volume of Tuna to go with it. We did manage to land a couple.

Great weather, headed south for tomorrow.

Will Report then,
Team Supreme

Breezer that stuck!

by Team Supreme, 7-23-2019

Hello Everyone,

We had a great day of fishing today. We were able to slide on a nice Bluefin Tuna Breezer and pick from noon till dark. The Tuna were all 30-35lb average, great size fish.

We are hoping for similar fishing tomorrow.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Cow Bluefin!

by Team Supreme, 7-23-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we had an exciting day. We landed 2 huge Bluefin Tuna. Both well over 200lbs. Looking forward to seeing how much these two weigh! We are fairly certain that the 200lb club jacket maker will be busy here soon!

We will be in tomorrow at 0530,
Team Supreme