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2019 Heil/Ranta / 7 Day Trip from Aug 9, 2019

South Bound!

by Team Supreme, 8-10-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we are traveling down the line. Mainly a rigging day for the days to come. Our sights are set on Yellowtail, Grouper, Wahoo, and Yellowfin.

Great weather at the moment. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Will report then,
Team Supreme

Travel Day Yellow!

by Team Supreme, 8-11-2019

Hello Everyone,

We had a nice day of travel today. Mainly rigged up and took care of some chores.

The guys were able to wet a line once today on a single kelp. There was a lot of Dorado on the kelp but none wanted to bite. However we did land a nice Yellowtail.

We will be on the hunt for more Yellows in the morning.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Lot O Mahi!

by Team Supreme, 8-13-2019

Good Morning Everyone,

Today we had great Dorado fishing! Lots of small grade Yellowtail and Tuna as well. Not Seeing much in the way of Wahoo, even though the conditions look great.

Hoping we find those Wahoo tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Grouper, Yellows, and Tuna!

by Team Supreme, 8-13-2019

Good Morning Everyone.

We had a great mixed bag fishing today. We caught some great grade Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna, and trophy Grouper. We managed to land one Wahoo as well. Lot of fish around today, just a lack of current to activate them. Hopefully we have some current tomorrow.

Will Report then,
Team Supreme

Big Wahoo Hitting!

by Team Supreme, 8-14-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we had an nice hit on Wahoo. They were big beautiful fish. We managed to get everyone a Wahoo. Along with Wahoo we had some nice Dorado, Tuna, and even a Pargo mixed in. The conditions are really looking up around here!

We will be working up trying for Yellowtail Tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

P.S. For anyone who is considering joining us on the next 5 day, be sure to have some extra owner #10 split rings. In case we need to modify the hooks on your jigs for big Bluefin Tuna.

Yellows on the way up!

by Team Supreme, 8-15-2019

Good Morning everyone,

Today we had some time to fish for Yellowtail along the coast.

We managed to catch some Yellowtail mixed in with the Barracuda and Bonito.

It was great action for the day.

If we make good speed we may be able to fish tomorrow.

Will report then,
Team Supreme