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2020 / Trip from Dec 31, 1969

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Excellent Yellowtail and big Bluefin!

by Team Supreme, 10-14-2020

Hello Everyone,
Today we had an excellent day of fishing for both Yellowtail and Blue fin Tuna. The Yellowtail were all excellent grade 15-35 lbs, most of the Tuna were 12-20 lbs except for two standouts. One Close to 100 lbs and one well over 200 lbs.

An excellent start to the trip with an incredible variety of fish.

Hopefully it continues tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

Another day of quality Yellowtail.

by Team Supreme, 10-15-2020

Hello Everyone,

We had another nice day today. Mainly catching good Yellowtail and Bluefin. It was a slow pick in the morning and slowed around lunch time. The second half of the day we focused on the larger tuna. We were able to get one bite, unfortunately the hook pulled. Slower action on the larger fish today.

Tomorrow we will be switching gears to Kelp patty fishing. In hopes of Dorado and Yellowtail.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

Dorado Insanity

by Team Supreme, 10-16-2020

Hello Everyone,

Today we had a full speed bite on the Dorado. One kelp we stopped on had a good hit, but later that day we found an eager school free swimming in the water. The Dorado fishing has been awesome the past couple weeks I hope it stays this good.

We will be fishing Yellowtail tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team supreme