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2020 / Trip from Dec 31, 1969

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First day Bluefin

by Team Supreme, 7-18-2020

Hello everyone,

Today there was a ton of fish both Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna. However was tough to get them to stick. We did manage to land some of both species.

The grade is great we just need that consistent bite.

We will be trying a new area tomorrow.

Will report again then,
Team Supreme

Tuna on Whales

by Team Supreme, 7-19-2020

Hello Everyone,

Today we spent the day chasing Fin Whales and bird schools, there were very nice schools of Yellowfin associated with them. Tuna ranging from 8 lbers to 40lbs! there were defiantly some nice fish mixed in. In addition to that there were some Dorado around. Lots of life making for an exciting day. We will be chasing these fish again tomorrow, wish us luck.

Will report back then,
Team Supreme