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2020 Simpatico/Private Sponsored by ACCURATE FISHING PRODUCTS / 6 Day Trip from Sep 6, 2020

First day Dorado Mayham

by Team Supreme, 9-07-2020

Good Morning everyone,

Today we departed on our Simpatico 6 day charter. We hustled and had a nice early start to our trip.

We decided to start fishing kelp patties for Dorado and Yellowfin. We found a school of Dorado that bit extremely well. They were a bit on the small side, but the action was RED HOT none the less.

Tomorrow we are hoping for Tuna.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

Dead Whale Dorado

by Team Supreme, 9-08-2020

Hello everyone,

Today was spent prospecting a new area offshore. We were hoping for Tuna, larger Dorado, and Wahoo.

Around lunch time we found a large group of Beaked Whales, pretty amazing site seeing the group breaching and swimming close to the boat.

Later in the day we did manage to find a dead Pygmy Sperm Whale with a huge Mako shark feeding on it. When we got close it was filled with tons of Dorado. There were a few stand outs that were much larger than the rest, but the majority were similar size as yesterday.

We will be trying for Yellowtail tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

NIce Weather Nice Yellows

by Team Supreme, 9-09-2020

Hello Everyone,

Today we had a nice day of Yellowtail fishing. We were able to pick at Yellowtail for the first half of the day until around lunch time. The majority of the Yellowtail came on the YoYo jig. After that we were only able to catch Bonito and Barracuda.

We have beautiful weather down here and will be targeting Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

Great day Lots of Species.

by Team Supreme, 9-10-2020

Hello Everyone,
Today we had a great day of fishing. Lots of species. Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado, Wahoo, Grouper, and even a few Pargo. It was a blast, action all day.

The Yellowfin Tuna we caught were a great grade. 15-25 lbs. The Key to these larger grade fish was light line and a small hook. 25-30lb test and a size 2 hook. On this particular trip we have an abundance of Accurate Loaner Reels. The small Tern reels and Valiant reels really stood out when fishing these larger grade Yellowfin.

Tomorrow we will be targeting a larger grade of Yellowtail.

Wish us Luck,
Team Supreme

Big Yellowtail up the coast.

by Team Supreme, 9-11-2020

Hello Everyone,

Today we spent the first half of the day going for larger Yellowtail. There were a lot of Yellowtail around, but there was a lot of bi-catch as well. We managed to catch some Yelllowtail through the Barracuda to add some 20-30 lbers to the mix. Most of them came on the Yoyo jig the first 10 cranks off the bottom.

Hoping for some Yellows tomorrow but will settle with some nice Reds and Ling cod.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme