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Latest Fish Reports

Big Yellows now!

by Team Supreme, 12-06-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we had our sights set on Yellowtail.

We started the morning picking at great grade Yellowtail. Shortly after lunch it really turned on. We finished the day with a excellent Yellowtail catch. The Yellows were all great size, 18-25lbs. It was a great way to fill the remaining slots people had in their limits.

All the fish were caught on YoYo jigs and dropper loops. We could not have asked for better December Yellowtail fishing to finish up our trip.

We may have time to fish tomorrow for some Rockfish or Calico Bass. Hopefully we make good speed.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Wahoo hit and more Dorado!

by Team Supreme, 12-05-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we had a quick hit on the Wahoo early in the morning. After the quick hit on Wahoo the Dorado moved in and were ravenous. We looked around for more Wahoo, Tuna, and Grouper, little reward.

We will be trying for Yellowtail tomorrow.

Wish us luck,
Team Supreme

Supremely sore after today!

by Team Supreme, 12-04-2019

Hello everyone,

Today we are supremely sore from pulling on fish. The morning was spent catching a handful of Wahoo, some Grouper, and a bunch of Yellowfin Tuna.

When the afternoon rolled around we went looking for Dorado, and found them. It was a excellent grade, and everyone caught as much as they wanted. Very good fishing.

We will be targeting Wahoo and Grouper tomorrow.

Wish us Luck,
Team Supreme

Holy Marlin!

by Team Supreme, 12-03-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we had incredible Striped Marlin fishing! Everyone hooked one, and at one point the crew counted 20 marlin hooked up, out of 22 people. Simply wide open.

In addition to the Marlin we were able to land a few nice Grouper and Tuna.

We will make a move in the night and hopefully be in Tuna and Wahoo Country tomorrow.

Will report then,
Team Supreme

Rigging Up

by Team Supreme, 12-02-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today was a rigging day. We spent the whole day getting our gear squared away for the upcoming days of fishing to come. Countless wire leaders, top shots, and lures were rigged up.

We are ready for what tomorrow brings.

Will report again tomorrow,
Team Supreme

Early Start

by Team Supreme, 12-01-2019

Hello Everyone,

Today we got an incredible head start to our Black Friday 7 day trip. We loaded a great load of bait and got on the road early. We are headed to the ridge or rocks with hopes of Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, Grouper, and Yellowtail.

Tomorrow will be a rigging day.

We will decide whereto start fishing tomorrow.

Will report then,
Team Supreme

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 11-28-2019

Polaris Supreme Trip Update 11-26-2019

We spent the day looking for Wahoo mostly, but ended up with only a handful. We had absolutely phenomenal Marlon fishing and some pretty fair Dorado fishing throughout the day. The Wahoo has definitely eluded us this trip. Another day of absolutely beautiful weather good food and hanging out with a bunch of good friends. I just noticed that the last two days we only had pictures of Rudy and John. Neither one have been fishing before so there definitely get the lions share of attention as far as photos. Today we mix it up with some of the other guys who have been hanging in the background. We're going to spend tomorrow heading up the line toward San Diego to try to be the Thanksgiving storm or at least part of it. We will definitely be in a day early and all of you leaving on the seven-day on the 30th be down there bright and early at 5 AM. We will be fueled loaded with groceries and ready to rock 'n roll right away.

The Polaris Supreme Crew

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 11-27-2019

Polaris Supreme Trip update 11-25-2019

We woke up this morning to a beautiful calm day and a gorgeous sunrise! It looks pretty similar to the sunset we had yesterday. We had some good fishing on small grade yellowtail and a few more tuna for the boys. The Wahoo were definitely absent yesterday and today. Tomorrow that is going to be our main target species. We most likely will be coming in a day early on this trip sometime Friday or Thursday late. We've been watching that storm coming in over Thanksgiving Thursday and then continuing through Friday and we want to avoid getting caught in the middle of it. You can do these kind of things when you have a private charter! Right now the forecast for departing on Saturday looks like excellent weather as far as we can see on the forecast through the fourth of December.

Thanks for tuning in! The Polaris Supreme Crew!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 11-26-2019

Polaris Supreme Trip Update 11-24-2019

We arrived early afternoon to the fishing grounds. We had a good afternoon of fishing on tuna from 12 to 35 pounds. Most of the fish were down toward the lower end of the spectrum. We didn't see much sign of anything else but the tuna throughout the afternoon but were still going to stay another day here to get fixed up on them. Late in the day we decided to pull the anchor and go troll around about 40 minutes before dark but picked up a old seiner anchor that weighed about 500 pounds. That ended those plans! It took us about three hours to get rid of it and fix everything it broke! Quite the tussle. Good weather still a little squally and rainy at times but good seas! See you tomorrow.

The Polaris supreme crew!

Polaris Supreme Trip Report

by Team Supreme, 11-24-2019

Polaris Supreme Trip Update 11-23-2019

We left yesterday on an eight day private charter with 10 anglers! We got a nice load of bait in San Diego and had really smooth sailing down all day. Today the same program on the weather it was absolutely gorgeous all day and of course the usual rigging good food napping and camaraderie amongst crew and passengers. Looking forward to getting to the fishing grounds tomorrow! Seriously watching a gnarly storm coming in over Thanksgiving! May slide in a day early just to avoid a serious beating. Standby for more on that one were watching it closely. Looks like it's going to be a lot of good rain for California though.

The Polaris Supreme Crew!