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Latest Fish Reports

That Guadalupe quality

by Team Supreme, 10-13-2021

Guadalupe Yellowfin and triple digit Bluefin in the same trip. Truly a special fishery.

Steady Yellowfin Action at The Island

by Team Supreme, 10-08-2021

Team Effort To Bring in a 220lb Bluefin

by Aliyar Nabi, 10-05-2021

Team effort. Only thing better than landing a 220lb Bluefin is sharing the experience with your friends. Good times aboard the Polaris Supreme.

Captain Aliyar is Back on The Bluefin

by Aliyar Nabi, 10-01-2021

After a few days down south fishing Yellowfin and Yellowtail, Captain Aliyar is back on the Bluefin. Some steady action on the jigs in the dark. We will see what the next couple nights deliver.

Nice Yellowfin From Our Last Guadalupe Trip

by Team Supreme, 9-27-2021

Another nice Yellowfin from our last Guadalupe trip. 

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Great 3 Day Bluefin FIshing

by Team Supreme, 9-23-2021

Great Bluefin fishing for our 3 Day. Finished with 15 over 100 and 3 over 200lbs! Plenty of 40-60LBS models to along with that.


Departed on an 8 Day yesterday morning. Headed for points south. Stay tuned.

Bluefin up to 226 lbs.

by Aliyar Nabi, 9-22-2021

Captain Aliyar called in with us today from the Polaris Supreme:

We just got tied up from a 3 Day trip. We had fun fishing with Bluefin tuna. On the first day with were fishing the smaller models and ended up with limits (48) on board. The second day we scored limits as well. On the third day out we got the bigger Bluefin on the boat .We had 15 in the 100-180 lb range and 3 in the 205-226lb. range. Good fishing all around.

We start next year on March 28th, check out our schedule online.

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Last minute openings!

by Aliyar Nabi, 9-21-2021

Last minute openings! Rare chance to get out on the Polaris Supreme for the 2021 season.


One spot open on tomorrow’s 8 Day Beck Open. Passport required. Departs at 10AM


Two spots open for the Phenix Custom Rods 8 Day departing 10/3 at 10AM.


Book online or give Lyndsay a call at 619-706-3634.

Returned from Guadalupe this morning

by Team Supreme, 9-19-2021

Returned from Guadalupe this morning after another great trip with some fantastic anglers. Nice mix of Yellowfin up to 150lbs and some quality island Yellowtail.

Steady Action in Guadalupe

by Aliyar Nabi, 9-15-2021

The Polaris Supreme out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego,CA checked in with us today:

Captain Aliyar checked in from Guadalupe. Steady action on the Yellowfin with some nice Yellowtail in the mix. No shortage of opportunities so far this trip.